Paperboy: An announcement

Press Release – Bauer Media

Paperboy: An announcement

Bauer Media today announced that Paperboy magazine will not be publishing its expected next issue on January 25, 2018.

The company launched Paperboy in November 2016 with a goal of creating a magazine for a new Auckland: a brand that celebrated the diversity and uniqueness of a rapidly growing and changing city.

Paperboy championed a positive vision for Auckland. It did this by telling stories about better public transport, cycle networks, well-designed denser housing, projects to support the homeless, and people doing vital and interesting things in music, art, food, fashion and urbanism.

The magazine was free and, with 100,000 copies printed each week, widely available. Many thousands of Aucklanders shared Paperboy’s vision of the city and were grateful for the way the magazine highlighted this for them.

However, in a highly competitive market, the cost of producing such a high-quality free magazine exceeded the advertising revenue the title generated, so the tough decision has been made to cease publication under its current publishing model.

Readers can still enjoy Auckland-centric content on, and Metro magazine, which is at its highest circulation since 2008.

Bauer Media is consulting with impacted staff with a view to redeploying them to other titles.

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