Teenager’s Sustainability Film Wins Praise Including from PM

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Teenager’s Sustainability Film Wins Praise
Including from Prime Minister

A cheeky child’s-eye-view on sustainability has won the top award at tonight’sceremony celebrating the 20 winning films in The Outlook for Someday film challenge.

The film compares the environment to oatmeal, the economy to a tuna and cucumber sandwich, and asks if the earth has clean sheets on Wednesdays too.

Archie, a 5 minute take on sustainability by 17-year-old Hollie Cohen from New Plymouth, was chosen as the NZ On Air Standout Winner by a judging team of 12 people from media, education, government, and business.

They called the film “a clever and stylish film with classic kiwi humour.”

Other New Zealanders praising Archie include Jacinda Arden, Prime Minister who sent a video message for The Body Shop Someday Awards at the Aotea Centre in Auckland this evening.

The PM addressed Hollie personally saying “messages like yours around sustainability are incredibly important if we’re going to reach some of the goals that we have around making sure our environment is pristine and making sure we lead the world on issues like climate change.”

Hollie’s award was presented by Brenda Leeuwenberg, Head of Innovation at NZ On Air, who called the film “brilliant in its simplicity.”

“The use of the child’s perspective and how they translate the concepts from what the adults say is perfect for the message of this film. I never look at a tuna and cucumber sandwich the same way again!”

Hollie’s prize package includes a mentorship with Taranaki-based film producer Kerry Warkia, arranged in association with the Screen Production and Development Association of New Zealand (SPADA).

The 20 winning films celebrated tonight were made by individuals and teams aged from 9 to 22 years old from all over the country: Millers Flat, Christchurch, Wellington, Otaki, Palmerston North, New Plymouth, Tauranga, Putaruru, and Auckland.

Each of the winning film-makers received a special award (listed below) at the red-carpet ceremony, which was MCd by television presenter Te Radar and actor/film-maker Hanelle Harris.

The films have been watched at Stuff.co.nz over the past 11 days, where there has been an online vote for the Stuff Audience Choice.

Just under 1000 people voted in the online poll, which was won by Hayden’s Time Adventure, a docudrama featuring a trip to the future and back in order to show us the value of self-driving cars. It was made by a team aged 13-14 from Putaruru College.

They have won a prize package that includes a Panasonic HC-WXF995 4K Ultra HD Camcorder donated by Photogear.

The Someday Challenge, now in its 11th year, asks young people aged up to 24 to make short sustainability-related films of any genre, filmed with any camera and any length up to 5 minutes.
Watch The Body Shop Someday Awards ceremony here:

New Zealand Film Commission Film-making Achievement Award
For a film with outstanding creative/technical quality
Te Ara Whakamua by Micah Winiata (19) from Tauranga
Genre: Documentary
Synopsis: A film about the te reo Māori and the importance of its revival.
Watch the film here: www.theoutlookforsomeday.net/films/2017/051/

Enviroschools Sustainable Future Award
For a film which promotes dialogue on sustainability through a new perspective and/or critical thinking
Plastic Straw Free Rangiora by a team aged from 10-12 from North Loburn School in Canterbury
Genre: Documentary
Synopsis: A documentary about saying no to plastic straws.
Watch the film here: www.theoutlookforsomeday.net/films/2017/063/

Department of Conservation Big Picture Award
For a film that relates to the Big Picture focus of DOC’s National Education Strategy
Small CHANGES by a team aged 9-11 from Waitākiri Primary School in Christchurch
Genre: Docudrama
Synopsis: A futuristic docudrama showing how even the smallest changes go towards creating the vibrant future we all want to see.
Watch the film here: www.theoutlookforsomeday.net/films/2017/010/

Ministry of Youth Development Community Participation Award
For a film focusing on active citizenship
MADal stream Cleanup by Michael Jessup (20) and Jenny Ann Sweatman (19) from Auckland
Genre: Documentary
Synopsis: A documentary featuring community participation in work to clean up our waterways.
Watch the film here: www.theoutlookforsomeday.net/films/2017/019/

Māori Television Whakatipuranga Award
For a film with a Māori indigenous perspective on sustainability
Tūrangawaewae by a team aged 18-21 from Auckland
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: A film that uses spoken word to confront questions about cultural identity.
Watch the film here: www.theoutlookforsomeday.net/films/2017/065/

The Coconet.tv Pasifika Award
For a film by a Pasifika film-maker or team and/or featuring Pasifika language and culture
S.O.S Save Our Seas by Brooke Waterson (22) from Auckland
Genre: Silent Movie
Synopsis: A humorous challenge to apathy about the damage our lifestyles can do to the planet.
Watch the film here: www.theoutlookforsomeday.net/films/2017/021/

Villainesse Young Women Film-Makers Award
For a film made by a young woman film-maker or team
Archie by Hollie Cohen (17) from New Plymouth
Genre: Video Essay
Synopsis: A cheeky child’s-eye-view on sustainability.
Watch the film here: www.theoutlookforsomeday.net/films/2017/023/

The Lowdown Award
For a film that focuses on social inclusion and mental wellbeing as a sustainability issue for young people
What Is Happiness? by Mackenzie Reid (14) from Otago
Genre: Video Essay
Synopsis: A film seeking empowering answers to big questions about mental health.
Watch the film here: www.theoutlookforsomeday.net/films/2017/027/

Karma Cola People and Planet Award
For a film that addresses social justice as a sustainability issue
See Beyond The Label by Jodi Melody (22) and Sarah-Louise Crawford (22) from Wellington
Genre: Advertisement
Synopsis: A dance piece pitting our love for fine and affordable clothing against the realities of sweatshop labour.
Watch the film here: www.theoutlookforsomeday.net/films/2017/003/

Auckland Council Film-Maker Award
For a film by a film-maker or team from the Auckland region
The Right Bin by Geoff Chen (15) from Auckland
Genre: Documentary
Synopsis: A funky documentary encouraging us to care more about how we dispose of our waste plastic.
Watch the film here: www.theoutlookforsomeday.net/films/2017/032/

The Wireless Storytelling Award
For a film with powerful storytelling
Subsistence to Sustainability by Sarah Ridsdale (16) from Palmerston North
Genre: Documentary
Synopsis: A documentary which tells the story of one Ethiopian man’s success at bringing sustainable farming to his people.
Watch the film here: www.theoutlookforsomeday.net/films/2017/031/

Photogear Cinematic Award
For a film with outstanding cinematography
Penguin Boxes by Michael Jessup (20) from Auckland
Genre: Documentary
Synopsis: A documentary about community action on Great Barrier Island to help one of nature’s cutest critters – the Blue Penguin
Watch the film here: theoutlookforsomeday.net/films/2017/017/

Weta Digital Media Award
For a film with outstanding editing or animation
Wai Parahanga by Josh Boag (16) from New Plymouth
Genre: Animated Drama
Synopsis: A simple animation that cuts to the heart of our relationship with the ocean.
Watch the film here: www.theoutlookforsomeday.net/films/2017/074/

Stephens Lawyers Young Voices For Change Award
For a film motivating young people and/or decision-makers to be change-makers
Hayden’s Time Adventure by a team from Putaruru College (13-14) in Waikato
Genre: Docudrama
Synopsis: A trip to the future and back in order to show us the value of self-driving cars.
Watch the film here: www.theoutlookforsomeday.net/films/2017/050/

Phantom Billstickers Media Empowerment Award
For a film which empowers its viewers and/or its maker
The Truth of Technology by a team from Baradene College (14-15) in Auckland
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: A horror film with a twist – there are no monsters here, only social media.
Watch the film here: www.theoutlookforsomeday.net/films/2017/073/

Rockstock Sustainable Lifestyle Award
For a film focusing on lifestyle change for sustainability
Clever Trevor by Sam Ridsdale (12) from Palmerston North
Genre: Animated Documentary
Synopsis: An animated documentary, which tells the story of Trevor’s clever decision to explore owning an electric vehicle.
Watch the film here: www.theoutlookforsomeday.net/films/2017/002/

The Adam & Eve Show Secondary School Film-makers Award
For a film made by young people of secondary school age
Inanga by Philly Kingi (16) from Ōtaki
Genre: Animated Documentary
Synopsis: A film that brings us along for the ride with a local community working to help inanga (whitebait).
Watch the film here: www.theoutlookforsomeday.net/films/2017/069/

What Now Primary/Intermediate School Film-makers Award
For a film made by young people of primary or intermediate school age
Environmental Defenders by a team from Pomaria Road School (9-11) in Auckland
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: A superhero adventure story with a strong message for dastardly litterers everywhere.
Watch the film here: www.theoutlookforsomeday.net/films/2017/058/

Tearaway Secondary School Performance Award
For a film made by young people of secondary school age with strong on-screen performance
The Surface by Léa Fini (14) from Waiheke
Genre: Docudrama
Synopsis: When it comes to mental health statistics there’s always more beneath the surface – this film shows it’s about real people and their relationships.
Watch the film here: www.theoutlookforsomeday.net/films/2017/062/

Upstart Magazine Primary/Intermediate School Performance Award
For a film made by young people of primary or intermediate school age with strong on-screen performance
The Schoolyard Bullies by Jordan Shanks (11) and Blake Cousens (11) from Somerfield School in Christchurch
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: A film tackling a student’s rise above bullying through friendship.
Watch the film here: www.theoutlookforsomeday.net/films/2017/056/

The Outlook for Someday in 2017 is based on partnerships between Connected Media Charitable Trust and The Body Shop New Zealand, NZ On Air, Te Māngai Pāho, the New Zealand Film Commission, Ministry of Youth Development, Department of Conservation (through the DOC Community Fund), Health Promotion Agency, Auckland Council, Toimata Foundation and Weta Digital.

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Funding Partners are Creative New Zealand’s Creative Communities Scheme, The Trusts Community Foundation, Lion Foundation, Dragon Community Trust, Four Winds Foundation and Blue Sky Community Trust.

Regional Partners are Foundation North, Tauranga Energy Consumer Trust, Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust, Trust Waikato, WEL Energy Trust, Eastern and Central Community Trust, Wellington Community Trust, Rātā Foundation, West Coast Community Trust, Community Trust of Mid and South Canterbury, Central Lakes Trust, Otago Community Trust and Community Trust of Southland.

Photogear is Technology Partner, O’Halloran North Shore is Accountancy Partner and Stephens Lawyers is Honorary Legal Advisor.

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Rockstock and Soar Printing are Paper and Print Partners.

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