Seed Advanced Grant for SIT Tutor

Press Release – Southern Institute Of Technology

December 2017


The New Zealand Writers Guild have awarded a Seed Advanced Grant to Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) Film tutor Patrick Gillies.

The Seed Advanced Grant is open to experienced writers with at least one credit as a documentary or narrative writer, having created not less than a total of 90 minutes broadcast/theatrical material with that work being produced by a recognised production company, platform or authority.

There were 24 Seed Advanced Applications received, with two grants awarded. The assessors were impressed by the high standard of originality and voice by the top contenders, making the selection of the grant recipients quite a challenge. The grant gives the awardee access to $12,500 to develop their feature film script. Included in the grant is $2,500 for further development of the feature film script which can include (but is not limited to) workshops, table reads, research and multiple script consultants.

Patrick Gillies’ film script, titled ‘Mad Cows’, is centred around a dysfunctional Auckland family who must learn to work together if they are able to survive a road-trip through the Southland countryside infested with marauding mutant cows.

Congratulations to Patrick and we wish him all the best with the development of his ‘Mad Cows’ film script!

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