Congratulations to Our 2018 Fulbright New Zealand Scholars

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Congratulations to Our 2018 Fulbright New Zealand Scholars
21 December, 2017 – Fulbright New Zealand is proud to announce the 2018 New Zealand Scholar Award Grantees.Representing four different universities in New Zealand, each scholar will head to the US as early as July 2018 to pursue independent research at US institutions, forming international collaborations to solve some of the world’s challenging issues.
The 2018 Fulbright New Zealand Scholars are:

Dr Neil Gemmell from the University of Otago will research the utility of new “gene drive” technologies for the control of predatory pests atMassachusetts Institute of Technology and the Broad Institute.

Dr Karin Bryan from the University of Waikato will be investigating the role of the fringing forest environment in controlling the development of global mangrove forests at Boston University in Massachusetts.

Dr Bronwyn Kivell from Victoria University of Wellington will conduct research into developing better medications to treat pain and addiction at The Scripps Research Institute and Florida Atlantic University in Jupiter, Florida.

Dr Richard Arnold from Victoria University of Wellington will research mathematical models for repair times in complex and repairable ageing systems, such as computers or aircraft, at George Washington University in Washington DC.

Dr Tony Merriman from the University of Otago will research the genetic basis of urate control and gout in African-Americans at the University of Alabama Birmingham.
The Fulbright-Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga Scholar Award is for a New Zealand academic, artist or professional to lecture and/or conduct research at a US institution in the field of indigenous development.

Dr Andrew Erueti from the University of Auckland will research changes in international human rights law and the implications for the future development of law as it relates to Maori and the Crown in New Zealand at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Fulbright Scholar awards are unique in that they are available for research in any field, but are united in the common goal to forge international collaboration and have a transformational impact in their area of expertise.

“Senator Fulbright viewed international communication and collaboration as the key to the world’s future prosperity,” said Dr. Richard Arnold. “I am excited to receive a research fellowship where the focus is more than just the research, but on international contact, communication and understanding.”

“I like the idea of being an international citizen and bringing together people from diverse places to solve problems,” said Dr. Karin Bryan, “I find the history of the programme, and the calibre of past scholars inspirational. I would like to use the opportunity to focus on solving some bigger-scale questions.”

The 2018 Fulbright New Zealand Scholars will be honoured at the annual Fulbright Award Ceremony in June. For more information or for interviews with any of our scholars, please contact Fulbright New Zealand Communications Manager Rachel Tilghman at
About Fulbright New Zealand Scholar Awards

Fulbright New Zealand Scholar Awards are for New Zealand academics, artists or professionals to lecture and/or conduct research at US institutions. A small number of awards valued at up to US$37,500 are granted each year, towards three to five months of lecturing and/or research. These awards are available for lecturing and/or research in any field, at any US institute.

Applications for Fulbright New Zealand Scholar Awards close 1 October annually.

About Fulbright New Zealand

Fulbright New Zealand was established in 1948 to promote mutual understanding through educational and cultural exchanges between New Zealand and the United States of America. The Fulbright programme offers a range of prestigious awards for New Zealand and American graduate students, academics, artists and professionals to study, research and teach in each other’s countries. More than 3,000 people have benefited from a Fulbright exchange between New Zealand and the United States to date. The programme is jointly funded by the US and New Zealand governments with additional funding from award sponsors, private philanthropists and alumni donors.

More information is available here.

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