The Ultimate Christmas Present.. An Endless Summer!

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The Ultimate Christmas Present.. An Endless Summer!

What does back to back summers, travel and a chance to land a job in the USA in December USA equal? Why the ultimate Christmas present of course

In Auckland on Dec 7th at the Crowne Plaza, 128 Albert St Auckland- 19 of the USA’s best summer camps will be handing out Christmas Presents to Kiwis who want to experience a Working Holiday like no other; working at a their camp, being a role model to American children and helping them understand what Cultural Exchange is all about.

With camp names like Frenchwoods, Blue Star, Horseshoe, Astrocamp, Mataponi or Catalina Sea Camp, these American Summer Camps uphold the true values of America and American Traditions!

For over 29 years American Camps have been looking for Kiwis to be lifeguards, swim teachers, water-ski, horse-riding, performing arts or sports instructors. “There are actually over 200 activities that camps offer to camps and they love the Kiwis as we are able to or at least willing to learn and teach these”, said Rosie Flannigan CCUSA New Zealand Country Coordinator. “Thousands of Kiwis have experienced working at Summer Camps across the USA since 1986 on the J1 Camp Counselor Visa with so many using this experience to get into their current Career.”

So if you are looking for an Early Christmas Present check out CCUSA’s Camp Counselors USA 2018 program and all the amazing camps who are hiring on Thursday the 7th of December or call 09 930 1085.

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