Tech Group Hosting UK Company for World Launch

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Tech Group Hosting UK Company for World Launch of New Internet of Things Module
New Device Enables Rapid Development Of Internet Of Things Applications Using New Generation Of Wireless Networking

Auckland, New Zealand – Nov 17 2017
The IoT Auckland Meetup group is hosting the founding management team of Pycom Ltd, the UK-based trail blazing IoT tech company, for the worldwide launch of their new FiPy development board that supports five different Internet of Things wireless protocols.
Fred de Haro, CEO of Pycom, along with Daniel Campora CTO and Bettina Rubek Slater COO will be presenting a day-long seminar and hackathon in Auckland on November 27.

Their Pycom FiPy development board supports wireless network protocols for Bluetooth, WiFi, Sigfox, LoRaWAN, LTE NB-IOT and LTE CAT-M1. The device contains all the core capability for developing the sensing devices needed by IoT applications. Featuring a free built-in operating system that supports MicroPython, the lightweight version of the popular web programming language, developers can rapidly create new IoT applications and build fully working products.

John McDermott, founder of the IoT Auckland Meetup group and workshop organiser, says “This is a very timely visit by Pycom to launch their new device and accelerate the local expertise of IoT development. Vodafone recently announced upgrade of their 4G LTE network to the NB-IoT standard, and Spark have also announced a competing LoRaWAN and LTE CAT-M1 wireless service. With the Australian based network operator Thinxtra having already deployed a Sigfox network during 2017, New Zealand is now in a prime position to develop world leading IoT applications. Pycom devices are an enterprise grade solution and suitable for industrial, smart city, environment as well as agricultural and many other IoT applications. Kiwi entrepreneurs will have more ability to create solutions as a result of the Pycom visit.”

The New Zealand based IoT Alliance released a research report earlier in 2017 forecasting that the IoT market would be worth $2.2 billion over the next 10 years to New Zealand. New Zealand is also recognised by IDC, the tech research company, as being third in the Asia Pacific region in terms of IoT readiness.

The workshop is being hosted at The TechBunker at 48 Greys Avenue on Monday November 27th from 9am to 5pm. The TechBunker is a newly formed co-working space dedicated to tech startups, especially those with a hardware and IoT focus.

More information is available at the IoT Auckland Meetup website:

About IoT Auckland Meetup
Founded by John McDermott in 2016, the Auckland based group has rapidly grown to be one of the leading forums in New Zealand for tech entrepreneurs. With over 1,300 members and regular events in the city, it has become a key networking forum for anyone interested in developing, learning about, or understanding the potential of IoT technology.

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