Community Protest Tree Massacre in Westmere

Press Release – Westmere Heritage Protection Association

Community Protest Tree Massacre in Westmere

Stop The Press:

The residents & retailers of Surrey Crescent & Garnet Rd will be occupying the Street Island at the top of Garnet Rd on Monday at 8am to protest Auckland Transport’s planned massacre of their street trees, the removal of 65% of all street parking and the construction of two cycleways running parallel along the same piece of road.One cycleway is on the berm, the other on the road!

Send a reporter to see what all the commotion is about and why normally quiet residents in the leafy suburbs are up in arms!

Sourced under the OIA we have 2000 pages of internal Auckland Transport (AT) documents that prove the consultation process was a fraud. Information was withheld and internal memos attempt to minimise the impact of AT’s plans.

Senior Project Manager, Major Capital Works Group, Ameer Bahho has refused to consider any suggestions from the community & has behaved in a bullying & aggressive manner when questioned about the project.

Internal memos show expert advice has been disregarded and obvious dangers to cyclists ignored in their plan.

The procurement division of AT expressed concern over the tender pricing procedure as tenders were rolled out even before plans were completed.
Jervois Road retailers have been able to stop the re-engineering of their street, until 2019 because there was never any attempt by AT to engage in a legitimate consultation process with them.

This debacle is being repeated across Auckland in Mt Albert, Torbay, Birkenhead, Parnell and throughout the city.

The fact that AT has accepted liability in the West Lynn Shop fiasco and offered compensation is proof positive that this road re-engineering juggernaut is out of control.

Join us this Monday, hear from the locals. Talk to the effected retailers, See why the residents want it to stop Now!

Lisa Prager


Westmere Heritage Protection Association

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