Bishop Warden Creates Free Online Demand Templates for Debt

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Bishop Warden Creates Free Online Demand Templates for Debt Collection

Debt buying company Bishop Warden has developed a website – – to provide businesses with free, easy to use templates for the creation of Notices of Demand and Statutory Demands, with the option of then using Bishop Warden’s process servers to officially serve the documents on the debtor.

“We built the DocService website as a way to promote our document serving business, which we established to drive efficiencies in our debt recovery business,” said Kirk MacGibbon, Bishop Warden Communications Director.

“Typically, businesses with an outstanding debt will eventually engage the services of a lawyer to prepare these documents – if they can afford them – but in reality the documents can be prepared by anyone, provided they exercise a degree of care and, at least from the perspective of the Courts, Demands prepared using our templates carry exactly the same weight as one prepared by a lawyer.

“Notices of demand, followed by statutory demands mark the point at which debt recovery processes access the power and authority of the judicial system,” said Mr MacGibbon,

“The critical element is ensuring the document contains all the requisite information and that it follows a format that meets the requirements of the relevant legislation.

“It is also important to be sure that, as far as Statutory Demands are concerned, that there is no dispute over the debt. We do recommend that people consult a lawyer if there is any uncertainty, or the possibility of a disputed debt exists.”

“Bishop Warden focuses almost exclusively on recovering commercial debts owed to one business by another. Our business model is predicated on formal assignment and then using the Court system, or the imminent threat of it, to enforce payment from a debtor – or at least bring them to the negotiating table.

“Our process servers drive specially branded vehicles, they wear branded uniforms and they all sign a company Code of Conduct, to ensure a high degree of professionalism.

“We are focusing on document service within the greater Auckland area at first, but do have the ability to serve documents anywhere in New Zealand,” said Kirk MacGibbon.

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