Kiwis Fail To Rise To Occasion When It Comes To Condom Use

Press Release – Durex Global Sex Survey

Kiwis fail to rise to the occasion when it comes to condom usage

Sexual Health Education Month launches to address Kiwi sex habits –

31 August 2017: Responding to research which has revealed that only 23 per cent of sexually active people in NZ use a condom on a regular basis*, Durex is launching its first ever Sexual Health Education Month in New Zealand.

The research ranks New Zealand third bottom with the UK.

The survey, which polled over 500 adults across NZ, also revealed that 25 per cent of New Zealanders did not use contraception when losing their virginity. When asked why protection wasn’t used to protect against unplanned pregnancy, 24 per cent of those surveyed cited contraception not being available at the time. Contraception not being available at the time was also cited by 19 per cent of those surveyed, as the reason for not using protection against STIs. Having condoms readily available is key in ensuring that New Zealanders are as prepared as possible when it comes to managing their sexual health.

The Durex Sexual Health Education Month which starts tomorrow, aims to help raise awareness of good sexual health practices in New Zealand. To further support the initiative, for the duration of the month, Durex will donate 50 cents from every purchase made at a pharmacy or supermarket to the New Zealand Aids Foundation, up to a cap of $10K.

Dr. Peter Saxton, Senior Research Fellow at the University of Auckland and an executive member of the NZSHS (New Zealand Sexual Health Society) commented, “Conversations about sexual health still carry stigma in NZ. This can lead to missed opportunities for safe sex education, STI screening and treatment of sexually transmissible infections (STIs) that can cause serious health complications. We need to have more open communication around sexual health in NZ and equip sexually active individuals with easily accessible tools, strategies and services to protect each other.

“New Zealand faces major challenges against STIs”.

Dr Jason Myers, Executive Director from the New Zealand Aids Foundation commented, “Last year, 244 people were diagnosed with HIV in New Zealand, the highest number since the start of the epidemic here 30 years ago. This brings the estimated total of people living with HIV in New Zealand to around 3,500.

Our HIV prevention campaign encourages gay and bisexual men to help end new HIV transmissions by 2025. Condoms are still the best way to prevent the transmission of HIV, so we’re very aligned with Durex’s goal of raising awareness of the importance of sexual health and good sexual health practices. Funds raised will go towards HIV prevention and empowering our communities.”

Statistics from the Durex 2017 Global Sex Survey Summary showed:

1. Only 23% of sexually active people in NZ use a condom on a regular basis

2. 25% of New Zealanders did not use contraception when losing their virginity

3. 78% of New Zealanders have had sex education

4. 34% of New Zealanders want more sex education about contraception

5. On average masturbation is seen as more acceptable in New Zealand than it is globally (73%)

6. 57% of New Zealanders believe it is acceptable to have a same sex partner

7. The global average age that the population loses their virginity is dropping. The global average is currently sitting at 17.4 average

8. 46% of people feel more attractive as a result of a good sex life

9. Japan is the least sexually satisfied country, with India being the most satisfied

10. The average length of sex (including foreplay) is 32 minutes

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* Statistics from the Durex 2017 Global Sex Survey Summary

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