I am the Dark Horse, Maungakiekie is mine!

Press Release – The Maori Party

Manase Nehemaia Lua
Māori Party
11th September, 2017

I am the Dark Horse, Maungakiekie is mine!

Write me and the Māori Party off at your own peril NZ herald and the establishment. I have been campaigning hard in Maungakiekie. Despite the odds, I have as much chance of winning this electorate as any candidate running. Here’s why I think I will win:

The Maungakiekie Electorate is a swing electorate and has been held by a strong, experienced and capable Pacific male candidate since 1999. Yes for almost 20 years! Vui Mark Gosche held the seat for three terms for the Labour Party. Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga followed and also held the seat for three terms (retiring after this election) for National. Both men are titled Matai or chiefs of their respective villages in Samoa.

I am Tongan and also hold the Matāpule title Pakilau ‘o Aotearoa as installed with full honours earlier this year by Lord Ma’afu Tukui’aulahi, High Chief and Noble of my village of Vaini in the Kingdom of Tonga. Ma’afu is Head of the Ha’a Havea, the largest and most powerful clan in Tonga. I am honoured to wear a full traditional Samoan full body tatau (tattoo) or pe’a lagi malofie. I will fearlessly advocate for my electorate should I have the privilege of serving Maungakiekie. I back down from nothing and no one. I will take the Māori and Pacific votes.

Of all the candidates, I believe that I have worked the longest in Central Government. Five years at the Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs and almost five years at the Ministry of Health (Disability Services). I know how the Machinery of Government works better than any candidate. I also worked a further ten years in senior leadership and management roles in the community and NGO sector.

Chloe (Greens) is very capable, intelligent and with a bright future ahead of her. She is also high up on the Greens Party list so should get in anyway. However, I have worked and served our country and community longer than she has been in existence on the planet.

Priyanca (Labour) is also high on her party list so will make it into Parliament anyway. She is of Indian ancestry and was selected over Pacific candidates, to woo the Asian votes in the electorate. She will struggle as most Asians are conservative and do not support labour and traditionally vote blue. Law and order is a big issue for them. I have real solutions for this important area (watch this space), and with the support of my fellow candidate Wetex Kang (Botany), we will take the Asian voters.

Denise Lee (National) is clearly the most well informed, knowledgeable and experienced candidate in terms of local experience and knowledge. That’s because she is a current sitting Auckland Councillor for the Ward. It sounds like there’s a whole lot of unresolved issues that still need her attention in Council like the East West link and Point England Development debacle. She can do much more at Council for Maungakiekie than in Central Government. Why waste another probably $100,000 of rate payers money to find a replacement councillor when she won it just last year?

Maungakiekie needs a strong, effective and informed voice in Parliament. I will ensure that the things that matter to you, matter to Parliament. Vote for me and I will fight for you. Vote for me and you will see real and meaningful change, for everyone in Maungakiekie.

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