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Press Release – Auckland Pet and Animal Expo

The Appeal of Animal Charities at the Auckland Pet & Animal Expo 2017

The Auckland Pet & Animal Expo 2017 has a focus on caring for your own pets the best way possible, with the healthiest pet food, and latest products and services.

According to the New Zealand Companion Animal Council, 64% of residences in New Zealand are home to companion animals, with cats and dogs being the most popular by far.

If you are a pet owner, you’ll know that pets hold a special place in our hearts, but for some people it’s a very special place… According to the latest Canstar Blue research (published July 2017), 37% of owners let their pet sleep on their bed and a sizeable 26% of owners said they preferred their pet to some members of their immediate family!

When it comes to feeding and caring for our adored four-legged (or sometimes finned or feathered) friends, it looks like Kiwis want the best for their animals and take the business of keeping their animal fit and healthy, pretty seriously.

When it came to diet, half of the pet owners Canstar Blue research spoke to said they measured the amount of food they gave their pet in order to stop them getting fat. In addition, 27% didn’t like feeding their pet the same food every day because they were afraid they might get bored with it. They also found that even with pet food, we love a bargain! Two in five owners would try a new brand of food simply because it’s on special offer and we bet the pets love it too when it’s one of the bags that comes with a free toy attached!

However, along with the cute & cuddly, fluffy and fabulous on show, it is also about profiling those amazing animals who require support helping others in need, and also supporting animals in need!

Kiwis love giving to animal charities, whether as a donation or a bequest, or just supporting as a volunteer.

But there are so many amazing charities in New Zealand, that they can’t rest on their laurels, and the profile for animal charities and the work they do is very important when competing for the donation dollar!

“We realise how important it is for certain animal charities to get maximum exposure in such a competitive market place and we want to support those who have been a part of our expo for many years the best way we can” says co-organiser Brian Peters.

“There are many dog, cat and even guinea pig rescues in the expo” he says. “Getting face-to-face with pet and animal lovers is most important for these organisations, and the annual pet expo is the best place to do this, it is also a chance for these special dogs, cats etc. … to interact with supporters together under one-roof.”

Those who will be exhibiting at this years Auckland Pet & Animal Expo over the weekend of 30 September to 1 October 2017, at the ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane are:

Humane Society of NZ
Chained Dog Awareness
Little Chintas Rescue Ranch
Auckland Cavy Care
Hope Rescue South Auckland
Lonely Miaow Association Inc
HURRAH Dog Rescue
Rottweiler Rescue & Rehoming
Auckland Reptile Rescue

“They all do amazing work, whether it’s an assistance dog being trained to help a disabled boy to make his life so much better, or a charity saving a dog from the torture of being left on a dog chain” says Peters “The Pet Expo is also a place of hope for many.”

Lonely Miaow who have been exhibiting at the expo for more than 5 years, rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome stray cats and kittens rescued in the Auckland region. They became incorporated in 1995 and have now rescued 8,500 stray cats and kittens from 2,500 colonies at a cost exceeding $1 million, with these numbers growing daily.

Those exhibiting in this years Auckland Pet & Animal Expo all have amazing stories to tell and emphasize how they support our animals who don’t have a voice themselves, or train our animals to give those in need the support and a reason to have a voice. Please contact Brian Peters on 021-814-861 or via to be put in contact with any of these amazing exhibitors so they can tell there story of why the pet expo is important to them and to meet them at the show.

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