Animal Activists Surprise Bill English

Press Release – Direct Animal Action

13 September 2017

Animal Activists Surprise Bill English

Bill English was hoping for selfies with fans when he visited the AUT Millennium Institute in Auckland today, but instead was met by animal activists holding placards. The activists wanted to call attention to the government’s failure to help animals suffering in factory farms.

“We’re delighted Bill English has given us the opportunity to take our concerns directly to him, we hope he takes these issues seriously” says Direct Animal spokesperson Kathleen Lafferty

“We are asking Mr English why he thinks it is okay to keep hens suffering in cages and pigs confined in crates”

“During the run up to the 2014 elections the Labour Party committed to a phase out of Factory Farming if elected, we want the National Party to make the same commitment” says Ms Lafferty

“On paper, the government has made lots of changes for animals. In reality those animals are still suffering in the same conditions. For weeks at a time, pigs are kept in crates so small they cannot turn around. Hens are crammed into cages with barely anyway of expressing their natural behaviours”

The activists promise that as long as the National Party is going to ignore these issues, National MPs can expect to continue to be called to account.


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