Poll proves Joyce wrong on Epsom

Press Release – ACT New Zealand

Poll proves Joyce wrong on Epsom

On Q&A this morning, Steven Joyce explained Peter Dunne’s low polling in Ohariu by suggesting that, this far from an election, polls in Epsom would show David Seymour in a similar position.

ACT has actually commissioned a poll in Epsom that proves Joyce incorrect.
In May, a Curia poll of 750 voters’ electorate vote preferences placed David Seymour 16 points ahead of Paul Goldsmith (46% to 30%). In other words, the situation in Ohariu cannot be compared to that of Epsom.

“This is very important, because with confidence in Epsom, voters across the country will know that a Party Vote for ACT is not wasted,” says Mr Seymour. “Just 1.2% of the Party Vote will elect ACT’s deputy leader, Beth Houlbrooke. 2.0% will elect ACT’s next candidate, Brooke Van Velden.”


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