Peters’ North Korean Port Plan

Press Release – ACT New Zealand

Peters’ North Korean Port Plan

“Winston Peters’ port plan is the latest and worst example of New Zealand First’s backwards 1950s interventionist plan to turn New Zealand into a Pacific North Korea,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Peters seems to think he’s qualified to plan our entire economy from the top down. Last week he wanted to nationalise energy companies and raid New Zealanders’ Kiwisaver accounts. This week he wants to effectively bring the Ports of Auckland under government control.”

“The port does need to move, but having politicians dictate the terms is turn-back-the-clock Muldoonism at its worst.

“Auckland’s port is a mess because of too much politics, not too little. National and Labour have let Auckland Council prop the port operation up with ratepayer money and assets.

“No private business would ever use Auckland’s most valuable waterfront real estate for a car yard. We need politicians out of the port.

“We need to scrap the Resource Management Act. The port’s owners would have the flexibility to relocate and choose their new location based on a proper business case, not a politician’s whim, whether the mayor or the increasingly irrelevant member for Northland and his sidekick in Whangarei.”

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