Inequality not growing so now it’s ‘entrenched’

Press Release – New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union


Inequality not growing so now it’s ‘entrenched’

31 JULY 2017

Closing the Gap, a neo-socialist lobby group, have today called for “a steeply progressive tax regime targeting high earners” to address their misplaced concerns about income inequality.

After pressure from the Taxpayers’ Union, groups like Closing the Gap have finally put a stop to their false claims that inequality in New Zealand has been increasing and accepted that it has not changed in decades. Now they are calling for political action to address “entrenched” inequality.

Mac Mckenna, an economist at the Taxpayers’ Union, says, “Groups like Closing the Gap are so consumed by their ideological determination for equality, they would happily forgo increased prosperity for all in place of a poorer, but more equal society.”

“If Closing the Gap is truly concerned with the well-being of the less fortunate, they would be better placed focussing their attention on issues that really matter such as housing. Income inequality is not worsening but post-housing cost inequality is.”

“A recent report showed land use regulation accounts for 56% of the price of an Auckland house. However, instead of advocating for less government regulation and red tape, which would free up house supply and improve affordability for those who most need it, these groups are pushing for a heavy-handed tax regime that punishes the most productive.”


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