Minister, show us your panels

Press Release – iGenerate

Minister, show us your panels

The government is to build 34,000 new homes in Auckland to help with the housing shortage but will they include solar panels to deliver cost effective electricity to the homes?

New solar power company iGenerate wants to put solar panels on at least the 13,500 houses being built for social housing and says the government could play a huge role in promoting solar power for the good of the country, says Managing Director Mark Unwin.

“Solar power ticks all the boxes for social housing. It reduces the cost of electricity for the home owner. It’s renewable power that isn’t likely to go away any time soon and because the cost is so low users can stop worrying about the cost of heating or drying their home, and provide a healthier living environment for all.”

When those who are most at risk don’t heat their houses because of the cost there is a massive health impact. With solar power, the customer can rest assured that the power used is renewable and sustainable and the cost of healthy living won’t exceed their budget.

While many home owners consider solar power installation to be a major cost, the development of new solar technologies helps bring that price down, increase the efficiency of the system and will future proof homes against the newest demand on electricity production – electric cars.

“Charging your electric car up at home during the night is likely to double electricity consumption, but by moving to solar power now that cost will be absorbed quickly by the home owner. The reduction in spending on petrol or diesel more than offsets the increase in power consumption and makes solar power a no brainer.”

iGenerate calls on the Minister to look at solar power for all state-owned houses and to lead the way for those New Zealanders most at risk.

“We believe the government can really kick start the solar power industry in New Zealand. The time is right, and the benefits are clear, both for the dweller, for the home owner but also for the government, which is facing increasing costs in maintaining the electric power grid. Solar power is renewable, it’s sustainable and it enables customers to use what power they want without fear of bill shock.”


About iGenerate:

iGenerate is a New Zealand owned and operated company that is passionate about providing all New Zealanders with clean, reliable and affordable solar energy.

iGenerate are experts in solar power and stand behind the products that we have selected for our customers. We provide premium solar PV panels, inverters, storage batteries and solar monitoring.

iGenerate Solar provides an end-to-end solar service and we’ll work closely with you every step of the way through your solar journey, including a site visit prior to installation and monitoring of your system after install.

iGenerate Solar provides our own comprehensive Solar Finance options, so our customers have the flexibility of either paying up front, or financing their new solar system. With the average solar system lasting more than 25 years, customers need not worry about the system losing value while you’re still paying it off.

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