New competition brought by motorway welcomed

Press Release – GymSpot Warkworth

GymSpot Warkworth welcomes the new competition the motorway extension brings

Since the announcement of the Northern motorway extension from Puhoi to Te Hana, development of commercial and residential property in Warkworth has been steady. Outlined in Auckland councils 10 year plan, the Warkworth region is earmarked as one of the largest areas of growth in the entire country.

With farm land already being subdivided and developed throughout Warkworth and Matakana, the population of the region is set to grow rapidly, meaning an increased need for service type businesses.

Founder of GymSpot Warkworth, Tracey Frost, is welcoming of the increased competition that the Northern motorway extension is bringing.

“Our goal when we opened GymSpot was to motivate our members to keep coming back. We have done this is by keeping things fresh and offering a range of programs – such as our Les Mills classes”

Frost comments that GymSpot currently offers a broad variety of classes for their members, a feature of the business she believes will help foster and increase its membership base.

“We welcome the new competition, it means we will have to stay on our toes and ensures that we do not lose touch with the thoughts and opinions of our members.”

GymSpot opened its doors in Warkworth in 2014. At the time the area had only one gym servicing the area. The region now has five fitness centres; a number which Frost believes will only increase in the future.

“There will always be a new kid on the block, but if we continue to keep our product offering fresh, affordable and stay actively engaged with our members, we are very confident we can build a solid reputation locally, and compete for many years to come”.

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