Alan Johnson – ‘Off the Track’ – State of the Nation report

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Alan Johnson – ‘Off the Track’ – 2017 State of the Nation report – Thurs May 18th – Auckland

‘Off the Track’ is the 10th State of the Nation Report from The Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit. It draws on the picture of the tramping tracks so familiar to many Kiwis. Walking these tracks requires frequent checking of maps and track markers to ensure the trail is not lost. Failure to do so in the New Zealand bush can carry significant and sometimes tragic consequences.

In the context of this report, ‘off the track’ reflects a sense that many of the markers routinely analysed for the State of the Nation report currently suggest we are not heading in the best direction for New Zealand as a whole.

In a follow-up presentation to the report’s launch Alan covers the stark contrast between an economy which is apparently doing well alongside a social environment which is becoming increasingly divided. He offers some ideas for how we might reset our priorities.

Both the full text and summary of the report are availablehere.

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Thursday 18th May, 6.00pm


CWEA Building

59 Gloucester Street


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