ENZED Superstock Team Champs fuel injection of $3.764m

Press Release – The Central Economic Development Agency

31 March 2017

ENZED Superstock Team Champs fuel injection of $3.764m

An economic impact survey of attendees at this year’s ENZED Superstock Team Champs has revealed the annual event pumps an estimated $3,764,934 into the economy.

This year, 14,125 people attended the event, with 69% travelling from outside of Manawatu. Of these just over 12% were from Wellington, 12% from Taranaki, just over 10% from Waikato, and nearly 9% from Hawkes Bay, while others attended from as far afield as Christchurch, Whangarei and Tasman.

Event Organiser Bruce Robertson says ENZED Superstock Team Champs is Palmerston North and Manawatu’s event powerhouse.

“It’s extremely important to the economy of the region, and if anything the report underplays the events widespread affect.”

“It is because of Superstock Team Champs that we have a viable spin-off industry. Palmerston North and Manawatu is home to a thriving community of businesses who build and repair competitor’s cars not only for the Team Champs but also for events from Auckland to Invercargill.”

“We also live stream the event to 2,000 paying customers. They include bars and clubrooms, and we estimate an audience of about 10,000 in the UK, US, Australia and around New Zealand watch this.”

The Central Economic Development Agency (CEDA) commissioned the report. CEDA Conventions and Events Executive Phil Hildred says 28% of attendees who came from outside of the Manawatu stayed in commercial accommodation while most visitors stayed with friends and family. Although 28% may sound low, it actually equates to over 2,700 people – which shows most hotels and motels in the city are full over this weekend.

The event runs over two nights, and the average stay was 2.39 nights. Many book accommodation for three nights’ in case of a rain delay.

Hospitality Association of New Zealand Regional Manager Chris Hince says it is by far one of the busiest weekends of the year for most moteliers and hoteliers in the city.

“The Stock Car Champs are well attended and a regular draw with many fans booking accommodation a year in advance,” says Mr Hince. “We love that people from as far afield as Canterbury and Auckland have had the chance to experience all that Manawatu has to offer. Events such as this expose our hospitality offering to the country and help to keep our city vibrant and enjoyable to live in.”

Of those surveyed, 51% were women and 65% were aged between 30 and 60 years old. 87% of attendees travelled here via private vehicle and visitors on average spent $161.63 per day.

Central Energy Trust Arena Manager John Lynch says it is a highlight of the year, and the economic benefit to the city is a key result from events hosted at Central Energy Trust Arena. Many other annual events such as the New Zealand Secondary School tournaments also contribute significantly to the city’s wellbeing.

“We are one of the few cities in the world, and the only one in New Zealand, that has a multipurpose event stadium only a stone’s throw from the CBD.”

“We are keen to improve the connectivity with the central city both through improving the entrance of Central Energy Trust Arena and wayfaring signage, as well as Palmerston North City Council redeveloping Cuba Street. Alongside this we are planning to improve the pits on site to ensure the Superstock Team Champs remains a Palmerston North icon for many years to come.”

Mr Hildred says it is important to note the report was created following an online survey that 377 ticket holders voluntarily completed.

The last economic impact report of the Superstock Team Champs was carried out in 2009 by Palmerston North City Council. It found the event’s economic impact was $1.6million. However, its calculations were based on a standard average expenditure model as per the number of attendees.

Meanwhile, CEDA is currently working with several event organisers to review the economic impact of a number of events.

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