DePaul House emergency housing and Rotary partnership

Press Release – De Paul House

Press Release (first draft) 16″ March 2017

DePaul House emergency housing and Rotary (North Shore Clubs) a partnership

In 2016, three members of Rotary, Northcote arrived at DePaul House offering support. They offered assistance both financially and with fundraising to purchase a new passenger van for De Paul House. De Paul House has provided emergency housing and family support services for 31 years in Northcote, Auckland. A key part of their success in transitioning the most fragile in our community into sustainable, long term housing is the provision of Support once families move into their own home. The passenger van is a integral part of this support, with Mike from DePaul House collecting adults and children daily so that they can attend the Early Childhood Centre and Learning Centre at De Paul House.

The existing van is over 20 years old, has 200,000 kilometres on the clock and was running on borrowed time. Ron, Graham and Bob from Rotary, Northcote worked tirelessly over the next 12 months and with the Support of Rotary Clubs from Takapuna, Milford and Birkenhead, a new van was purchased.

This has been a really fantastic opportunity for De Paul House not only to replace their van but also to use the contacts and resources of Rotary to extend awareness of their service and the need for support for families in North Auckland.

Jan Rutledge, Manager of De Paul House plans a celebration to acknowledge the contribution of Rotary, their perseverance and hardworking. ASJan Says “this van will see many years of hard work, it will take home tired, happy kids and parents. Thank you to Rotary a fabulous effort”

Jan Rutledge

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