Mt Albert By-Election Heats Up

Press Release – Dale Arthur

Mt Albert By-Election Heats Up

Mt Albert, Auckland – 25 Jan 2017

Independent Candidate and Centre Voter Dale Arthur has officially announced he is standing in the Mt Albert by-election on February 25th. Dale Arthur has lived in the electorate for 20+ years. Concerned that this is the second candidate that Labour is standing for Mt Albert who has been imported into the electorate, he is standing to show that there are other options for Mt Albert residents who want change.

Dale Arthur is the great nephew of Norman King, the long serving Labour MP and Cabinet Member in the Kirk government from 1954-75. Asked what sets himself apart from the other candidates. “I believe that we need 21st Century Politics, where Ideas, not Ideology is the guiding principle. As such I’m able to work with all political parties to find the best solution to the problems that Mt Albert residents and New Zealand faces.”

Dale Arthur confirms that he is standing on two ideas. The first idea is Governance through Communities where he wants to empower communities, though local government and community groups, to face and overcome the problems of the 21st century. The second idea is creating a Digital Commons from governmental data for all New Zealand businesses to leverage off in ways similar to how big tech corporations leverage off of the data provided by their customers.


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