Warkworth rodeo-goers asked to ‘have a heart’ by protesters

Press Release – Direct Animal Action

Press Release: Direct Animal Action

Warkworth rodeo-goers asked to ‘have a heart’ by protesters

What: Animal rights protest at the Warkworth Rodeo
Who: Led by group Direct Animal Action
When: Sunday 1st January 2017, 11am
Where: Warkworth A&P Showgrounds, State Highway 1, Warkworth

The first day of 2017 will see animal rights protesters demonstrating outside the Warkworth Rodeo again.

New Year’s Day 2016 saw around 50 members from the group Direct Animal Action gather in celebration outside the A&P Showgrounds after the rodeo was cancelled due to wet weather.

Several weeks later the group returned to protest with bigger numbers at the rodeo’s rain date.

This time around they plan to hold large heart shaped signs, asking locals to ‘have a heart’ and boycott the rodeo.

“We’ll be outside the rodeo calling on locals to boycott it because animal cruelty for entertainment is not ok,” says Amie Wolken spokesperson for Direct Animal Action.

“If the rodeo is cancelled again, we’ll still gather ringside in celebration that no animals will suffer that day.

The protesters are asking people to think about setting a good example for children by teaching them values like empathy and compassion.

“Boycotting the rodeo shows kids that tormenting and exploiting animals for entertainment is not part of Kiwi culture.

“New Zealand has so much to offer, there’s plenty of family friendly activities available that don’t involve animal abuse.

“We’re encouraging people to choose these cruelty-free forms of entertainment over the brutality of rodeo,” says Ms. Wolken.

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