The most popular Trade Me auctions of 2016

Press Release – Trade Me Limited

• Millions of items sold on Trade Me during 2016 including Hatchimals, heaters, New World’s little garden stuff, creepy clown costumes and fans but it was a quirky handful of listings that ended up taking out the most viewed auctions of the year

• We’re constantly amazed at the endless creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of our members – sometimes they hit a nerve with the public and make the ordinary extraordinary

• Some auctions just have a certain something; they capture the imaginations of our members (and often people around the world) because they’re weird, controversial, often borderline in taste terms, and because the seller does a great job with their description and brings a healthy dose of humour to the Q&A.

• These sellers don’t take themselves too seriously and they’re good at getting a bit of publicity

• It certainly doesn’t hurt if they get some media attention too

• Our number 1 spot this year goes to a the tattoo canvas that went around the world. Wellington woman Bailey put up a cheeky auction for a 9x9cm tattoo on her backside. Her bum auction went global with coverage in the Sun, Daily Mail and Mirror and clocked up over 153,000 views and thousands of watch-listers. It was weird, a little bit cheeky and the bottom line is Bailey was great with the Q&A and at drumming up a bit of publicity for her auction. This meant she got $6500, paid down her debts and is apparently off to Miami to get a rainbow tattoo in January.

• Another controversial auction that made the list this year was member Claire’s taxidermy cat. The feral cat was in Claire’s freezer for a long time before she fashioned it into a handbag that set tongues wagging around the world and clocked up over 160 complaints. We understand that some people find this sort of thing a bit gross or in poor taste, but we allow taxidermy items to be sold on Trade Me and the seller assured us this cat was not killed for the bag and that she had the right to own the cat. On the other side of the coin lots of people thought it was cool and interesting and it found a new home with a very keen buyer.

• Unusual produce was a theme of 2016 with a phallic aubergine and a potato in the shape of a bottom collecting an enormous number of views and interest

• One of the other big stories of the year of course was the crusade of Tribal Huk leader Jamie Pink against P in Ngaruawahia. Jamie put his sledgehammer onsite but with a starting price of $5200 it failed to fire up our members and didn’t sell.

• In our honourable mentions this year there are some auctions that didn’t quite have the broad appeal of the top ten but struck a chord with us and our members all the same. They include a signed picture of the world’s most talked about man, Donald Trump, a very unusual nude carpet portrait of former Prime Minister John Key, a fertility-enhancing desk chair and former Prime Minister Robert Muldoon’s rail pass.

The top 10 most viewed items on Trade Me this year:

Auction number: Auction title Number of views Region Sale price Notes
1 1215481129 YOUR tattoo on MY bautt 153373 Wellington $6500 Wellington woman Bailey needed to clear her debts and will fly to Miami to have her tattoo done next month
2 1067283360 ULTIMATE SLEEP OUT/STUDIO – #NOT YOUR AVERAGE SHED 144340 Auckland $29,100 This apprentice made shed hit a note with our members
3 1168032167 A ” Rare” Potato 144006 Canterbury $9.50
4 1045655474 Taiaha c1750-1850 King Tawhiao 65995 Auckland Did not sell After some debate as to the origin of this taiaha the seller withdrew it to have it examined further
5 1082052809 Cinderella Pumpkin 60674 Auckland $1810
6 1160421420 REAL Glamour puss PURSE 55035 Canterbury $545 One of the most controversial listings we’ve seen this year
7 1130140950 Ghetto blaster boombox collection 54683 Otago Did not sell At $20,000 this boombox collection failed to find a keen collector
8 1086755263 Erotic Eggplant 51683 Waikato $115 The erotic eggplant went around the world
9 1188104079 Sledge Hammer 30993 Waikato Did not sell Tribal Huk’s Jamie Pink listed this sledgehammer with a starting price of $5200 and failed to get a keen bidder
10 1040886886 BUY A DATE WITH US! 29544 Wellington $400 Two Lower Hutt women sold a date in order to raise money to go volunteer in Nepal

Trade Me’s honourable mentions

Auction number: Auction title Number of views Region Sale price Notes
1110342946 NATIONAL CARPET 19630 Wanganui $893 An unusual carpet portrait of former PM John Key
1047396619 Desk Chair of Fertility 18539 Canterbury $51 This desk chair was allegedly responsible for three pregnancies and the boss decided it needed to go
1203984554 Church for $1 18076 Bay of Plenty $11,100 This Waihi church is on its way to Wellington
1061526361 Ricky Baker’s skuxx as hoodie 17852 Wellington $310 From the biggest movie of 2016
1044490240 Rob Muldoon’s Rail Pass 13840 Wellington $400
1153739809 DONALD TRUMP 12723 Northland Did not sell Of course the Don had to feature in this year’s list!
1134227144 A tiger ate my GoPro 9593 Auckland $455 Sold by Auckland Zoo
1037254384 $48,000 Debt for sale – $1 32162 Waikato Did not sell

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