Summer in the City Inaugural Cocktail Event Empowering Women

Press Release – Aotearoa Development Cooperative

30th November 2016

A charity run by young professionals in Auckland is holding a first of its kind event on 12th November with the theme of celebration and empowerment of women. ‘Summer inthe City’ was crafted as a way for women across Auckland to come together, network, and celebrate the amazing things happening for women in business in New Zealand, whilst raising money to empower entrepreneurial women in Myanmar with access to microfinance.

The event is underpinned by Aotearoa Development Cooperative (ADC), a charity that is run mostly by volunteers.

ADC supports entrepreneurial people in Kalaymyo, Myanmar with access to microfinance. ADC Executive Director, Zac Colborne, says “There is so much innovation, creativity and drive in the communities we work with. Unfortunately, there is the limitation of financial exclusion. Without access to affordable credit, it would be incredibly difficult for entrepreneurial people to start their own small business and take charge of their economic potential.”

An all-female committee developed the Summer in the City concept after a conversation about how women in Myanmar (and globally) aren’t given the credit they are due – both in terms of recognition of their work and success, and in terms of limited access to financial capital. The idea of #givehercredit was born, and the committee set about seeking sponsors and businesses to celebrate through a unique cocktail party to celebrate the global achievements of women.

Event sponsors include:, Moi Wines, CHIA, and Collection Cosmetics, among others.

Funds raised at this event will allow ADC to issue more loans to women who have prepared and created a plan to launch a business. A microloan is roughly $200 – $300, and once repaid, the funds can be loaned out to yet another recipient – multiplying the positive impact.

ADC Board Chair, Sarah Colgan believes ‘it will be an evening to celebrate women doing incredible things across several sectors of society, to create ripple effects both at home and abroad in advancing the empowerment of women.”

Tickets are $60 and available through the Summer in the City Eventbrite page.

About Summer in the City
Summer in the City is a cocktail event to connect and enjoy an evening celebrating female empowerment and women in business. Light food, wine, cocktails, live music, inspirational female speakers, goodie bags, and a few other surprises in the mix. Tickets are $60, and can be purchased through Eventbrite. The event is due to be held at Thievery Studios on Karangahape Road, from 7pm.

About Aotearoa Development Cooperative
ADC offers micro loans to skilled, enterprising communities in Myanmar and Malawi. These loans act as capital for them to start small businesses. Credit is a catalyst for economic growth, which enables innovation and technological advance. A lack of credit means a lack of opportunity, which is prevalent in many countries where the economy is stuck in a low growth cycle with high inflation and unemployment.

ADC’s micro loans give skilled, enterprising communities another option.

ADC is a co-operative charity – members who contribute funds guide how they are allocated and used. ADC prides itself on its transparency and accountability to its members.

Founded in 2007, ADC has granted over $500,000 in loans to its partner microfinance bank in Myanmar.


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