New Zealand synth-punks return with vitriolic video

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Music video by Jackson Dimarzio released as of the moment you read this byline.

As industrious as the port of the city they are based in (so Wikipedia has told us – that paragon of honest information), Tauranga’s les enfants terribles Threat.Meet.Protocol have released the third video from their 2016 album, Mindless Consumption to the general viewing public – the pretty much unpronounceable “!@%#?”

Inspired once again with dabbling in lo-fidelity video footage, director Jackson Dimarzio brings together a vitriolic piece of work that seems very much inspired by aesthetically by the 2009 Harmony Korine movie Trash Humpers, with it’s VHS style shooting and masked protagonists aplenty, with scenes of nihilism throughout the near two minute transmission.

Some people might even make comparisons to Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Salo, but those people probably went to art school and compare most transgressive works to that. Because it’s art house. Threat.Meet.Protocol are not art house – grindhouse, perhaps.

Having played Whammy Fest a few days ago in Auckland, the trio look forward to their next big performance, supporting Japanese rockers King Brothers as they play, on a boat no less, in Tauranga on November 13th.

“!@%#?” on YouTube

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