Only thing preventing cheap homes in Auckland is the Council

Press Release – John Palino

Only thing preventing $230,000 homes in Auckland is the Council

June 2016

“Reporting today that home and land packages in tiny Kaitangata in the South Island are going for well under $300,000 underlines just how awful things have become in Auckland where even just a section costs twice this amount,” says John Palino.

“Auckland has all the scale and all the markets ready and available to support massive house building, yet it’s just about impossible to find a new house for under three times the amount little old Kaitangata can deliver.

“We know from countless reports that the reason for this is land constraint and bureaucratic interference.

“The Auckland Council’s litany of rules which prevent homes is keeping people on the streets and young people from realising the benefits of a strong economy.

“Auckland needs leadership which puts people before bureaucracy and is serious about getting homes built.

“I’m going to deliver $350,000 homes in Auckland – no ifs, no buts and no subsidies.

“I will do this by cracking open metropolitan limits, reprioritising spending to infrastructure to support a new city and facilitating massive new housing development,” said Palino.


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