Waiheke strengthens their support for Gifted and Talented

Press Release – New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education

31 May 2016

Waiheke strengthens their support for Gifted and Talented students with the establishment of their local Centre for Gifted Education.

The New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education (NZCGE) is thrilled to formally welcome their fourth new community under their umbrella since their establishment in 2014 and congratulates the Waiheke Schools’ Cluster for their vision and determination to look at a variety of avenues for meeting the needs of their gifted children.

In addition to existing school-based provisions, the cluster has made a commitment to group their like-minded, intellectually and creatively gifted students together for part of each week, providing educational opportunities based on the NZCGE Curriculum, and to provide professional learning opportunities for their staff and parent community.

“We see this as is a very positive step for education on Waiheke Island. Our schools, Waiheke Primary, Te Huruhi school and Waiheke High School, formed a committee last year to research best practice in gifted education and we are very pleased now to have developed a strong partnership with the New Zealand Centre,” says Kay Moy-Low, Principal of Waiheke Primary.

Adam Cels, Principal of Te Huruhi School adds, “NZCGE’s MindPlus programme will bring together like-minded students and allow them to challenge and support each other as they continue their learning journey and certainly our three schools on Waiheke Island are pleased to be able to offer an educational opportunity to further enhance and support students with specific learning needs.”

The Waiheke Centre for Gifted Education joins other locally-funded Centres in Invercargill, Dunedin, Mid-Canterbury, Lincoln, Masterton and Taranaki, which have been established with the support of the New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education, and NZCGE’s own centrally-funded Centres in Christchurch, Wellington, Lower Hutt, Rotorua, Hamilton and Auckland. NZCGE will provide essential support with student selection, professional learning and development, and curriculum resourcing and support for the Waiheke Centre, on an ongoing basis.

“This establishment of the Centre reflects part of NZCGE’s goals, to help communities support their young gifted New Zealanders’ maximise their potential through access, recognition and support. We are keen to work with more communities in this way,” says Ms Walker.

The New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education Ltd is a non-profit organisation with charitable status providing services nationwide in gifted education. For more information, please go to www.nzcge.co.nz.


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