New Zealand should end all ties with USA military

Press Release – Peace Action Wellington

New Zealand should end all ties with USA military

Press Release: Peace Action Wellington
Opposition to a possible visit by USA Navy ships to Aotearoa is building with organisations in Wellington and Auckland opposing the visit. Groups oppose this visit in November which is part of the New Zealand Navy’s 75th anniversary and the upcoming Weapons Conference held by the Defence Industry Association.

Peace Action Wellington spokesperson James Barber says, “not only is this a clear breach of our current Nuclear Free legislation and an insult to the thousands who struggled for it in the past, this is a furthering of our ties with a military responsible for a vast number of human rights abuses.”

Peace Action Wellington is calling for New Zealand to not only revoke its invitation to the US Navy, but also to end all ties with the US military and completely leave the ANZUS agreement.

James says, “we should not be strengthening military ties with an armed forces responsible for the grotesque human rights abuses of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay. Nor should we have military ties with a country which has been killing thousands of innocent people through its ongoing and illegal drone war.”

He continues, “There is also a very real possibility that the commander in chief of the United States armed forces will be Donald Trump. The New Zealand government should stand up against monstrous international politics and state that if Trump is elected New Zealand will end ties with the United States of America armed forces and withdraw completely from the ANZUS treaty.”

Peace Action Wellington commends Auckland Peace Action which is planning protests and an on-water peace flotilla, and calls on all people to stand up for peace and justice by resisting military ties with the United States of America.

US warships have not visited New Zealand for 35 years because the US has refused to confirm or deny the presence of nuclear weapons on their ships, as required to ensure they comply with New Zealand law. Nothing has changed.


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