Council Adds Another Silly Treat To The Shopping List

Press Release – Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance

Auckland Council Adds Another Silly Treat To The Shopping List

31 MAY 2016

The Auckland Ratepayers Alliance finds it extraordinary that despite hundreds of thousands of hours, and huge funding spent on consultation with the residents of Auckland, Council remains oblivious to public sentiment and continues to spend on frivolous events and frippery designed to create a ‘feel-good’ image around the Auckland Council brand. The latest exercise in pointless spending is the installationMood Bank ATM machine next to Aotea Square which lets the public take selfies.

The Ratepayers’ Alliance can reveal that ratepayers stumped up $2,000 for the machine.

Spokeswoman Carmel Claridge says: “Will Council ever learn? The feedback from the public has been unmistakable. Council needs to focus on the efficient delivery of core services. ”

“This sort of nonsense is just an insult to the intelligence of Aucklanders. What would improve our mood? Seeing Council use our hard earned rates money for the things Aucklanders actually need, and have told them time and time again they want – cost efficient delivery of core services, a better transport network, and much needed infrastructure for our rapidly growing city.”

“Council needs to stop adding to the debt burden of our city with frivolous spend ups and concentrate on what they are there to do.”


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