Kiwi Families Flock to Australia these Holidays

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30 March 2016

Brace Yourself, Children on Board: Kiwi Families Flock to Australia these School Holidays

If you’re taking advantage of the school holidays (16 April to 1 May) with a much needed break, buckle in for the flight! New research from suggests airports up and down the country will be adopting the brace position as thousands of Kiwi families take to the skies. And it’s Auckland Airport that’s expected to be the busiest with more than two thirds (68%) of all school holiday travellers set to pass through its gates over the two week period.

With its short flight times, the results show Australia remains the number one destination for Kiwi families. Those travelling from Auckland and Christchurch are set to jet to Sydney while Wellingtonians are bound for Brisbane, perhaps opting to follow the sun. Looking further afield, recent events in Fiji have not dampened spirits of holidaymakers with Nadi remaining a top 10 destination for families travelling from Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.

The research also found:
• Saturday 16 April and Friday 22 April are the most popular departure dates across Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.
• For those Kiwi families lucky enough to be getting away, a seven night stay is the most common (17%) followed by fourteen nights (10%).
• Favourite international destinations varied by departure points with Denpasar, Manila and Delhi being top 10 destinations from Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington respectively.
• Other international destinations to make the top ten for departures from Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington were London and the Gold Coast.

Top Tips for Keeping Sane When Travelling with Kids
Negotiating lengthy security queues and steering luggage trolleys while keeping hold of the kids are just some of the challenges parents face at airports. To ensure the focus remains on fun, has compiled a survival guide with five top tips to keep parents sane when flying with children:

1. ‘Mummy, Where’s Piggy?’
Preparing for a getaway seems straight-forward, but best intended packing plans often go pear shaped when kids are involved. While most remember passports, insurance and tickets, how many parents arrive at the airport, to find a beloved toy has been forgotten? Dealing with an inconsolable child is never going to end well. Prepare a travel checklist, and check it and check it again to make sure you have all essential items. As a rule for carry on, pack what you need for the flight and the first day of your holiday – you can stock up on everything else at your destination.

2. It’s in the Bag
Can you carry what you have and manage your child? Try and minimise the number of bags you take and if the kids are big enough to look after their own, test they’re comfy and easy to manoeuvre. These days some kids’ bags also double as ride on toys. Handy for tired legs in what often seem endless queues, taking the rascals for a ride through the airport or doing the last minute dash to the gate.

3. Prepare to Screen
It is a requirement that customs staff screen everyone regardless of age at the security checkpoint. Explain to your child what to expect and the importance of staying close to Mum and Dad while waiting in line. To avoid any surprises that may set off the security alarm and cause your child distress, also remember to check everyone’s pockets for small toys or coins.

4. Happy Kids are Snacking Kids
Hungry kids are often grumpy kids! Before arriving at the airport, check with your airline what food and beverages are allowed to be taken onboard. If you’ll need to preheat milk or formula, aim to do so before boarding as airlines generally have limited facilities on the aircraft. If you can’t find a parent room, ask a friendly barista for assistance. Packing a few favoured snacks will also help keep kids ‘topped up’ between on-board meals and can be used as boredom distractions.

5. Don’t Forget Baggage Claim
Sounds like blatantly stating the obvious, but you may be surprised at how many overtired parents are escorted back through customs to collect forgotten items like a stroller or car seat. Quickly check you have everything before proceeding through arrivals – even take a look at your packing checklist again can help when coping with jetlag fatigue.

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