Are you a glamper, a camper or a tramper?

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29 February, 2016

Are you a glamper, a camper or a tramper?
Find out your camping personality

Campgrounds across Auckland will be turning on a Big Camp Out weekend of activities and camping opportunities on 5 and 6 March to celebrate 50 years of regional parks, but the biggest question on everyone’s lips this week is, “Just what kind of camper are you?”

Auckland Council regional park rangers manage 44 campgrounds and reckon they have seen all types. Here are just some of the most common breeds of campers found in New Zealand.

The Glamper: likes to get outdoors, but doesn’t like to sleep on the cold ground or get dirty; surrounds self with luxuries like a comfortable bed, tent large enough to stand in, carpets, wine and good food. Origin often urban.

The Scamper: social camper, gets together with groups of friends, family or a club to organise group camping events; loves to socialise and share resources. Natural habitat often suburban.

The Tramper: die-hard kiwi back country-camper who enjoys long walks over rough country, then camping in a minimalist way at night, with a sleeping bag, camp stove and small tent; usually environmentally responsible, doesn’t mind longdrop loos. Indigenous to New Zealand, close relative of the Hike-amper found in Europe and the US.

The Kayamper: Keen kayak-based camper able to carry more camping equipment on a kayak and stay at sea-only accessible campgrounds, such as those found on Te Ara Moana, the Seagoing Pathway. Origin thought to be water-borne.

The Vamper: Volunteer camper who saves money by volunteering to keep an eye on regional campgrounds in exchange for discounted or free campsite fees; popular in Auckland’s regional parks as they help rangers maintain orderly campgrounds. Commonly found among retirees.

The Hamper: Camper more interested in the food than the tent. By nightfall, has the barbecue set up, the portable fridge going and the picnic table set, but yet to erect a tent pole. Sought-after at meal times.

Spot all these campers and more at the Auckland Big Camp Out, 5-6 March, at one of 44 Regional Park campgrounds.

Auckland Regional Park campgrounds can be booked on 09 366 2000, option 2, 8am-7pm Monday to Sunday.


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