Bad Judgement causes Courts to lose credibility

Press Release – Sensible Sentencing Trust

Bad Judgement causes Courts to lose credibility

30th January 2016

A Judge who sentenced a mother to home detention after videoing herself sexually abusing her 12 month old baby son has been named and shamed on the Sensible Sentencing Trusts controversial

Auckland Spokesperson for the Sensible Sentencing Trust says Judge Philip Recordon has a track record of siding with the offender to the exclusion of the victim and the public’s interest in true justice.
Jock Jamieson says in the latest episode Judge Recordon gave a period of home detention to a young mother who sexually violated her own son, just one year old.”

“She videoed the sickening acts in order to sell the recording to a paedophile.”

Mr Jamieson said “New Zealanders are rightly disgusted by what she did and are appalled that Judge Recordon thought that sending her back home was somehow an appropriate punishment.
“Common sense would suggest sending her to prison might allow her to reflect on her morals and realize the long term harm she may have caused her son.”

“Our courts lose credibility every time a judge brings down a decision which leaves the public gasping in disbelief.”

Thanks to Judge Recordon, the credibility of our justice system just dropped another notch.


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