SuperGold services to Waiheke

Press Release – Auckland Council

SuperGold services to Waiheke

As a result of a competitive tender process Auckland Transport is pleased to announce that government funding for the SuperGold card off-peak transport scheme will be made available to two service providersproviding free off peak subsidised travel (from 9am-3pm and after 6:30pm on weekdays, all day weekends and public holidays) to SuperGold card holders on ferry services from downtown Auckland to Matiatia wharf, Waiheke from 1 January 2016.

Prior to the tender process Explore Auckland Harbour Ltd and Fullers Group Ltd provided free travel to SuperGold cardholders from downtown Auckland to Waiheke however only one service provider was eligible to claim government funding to carry SuperGold cardholders.

A change to the national SuperGold card transport scheme made it possible for both service providers to be eligible to participate in the Scheme. Auckland Transport developed and managed a competitive tender process for SuperGold cardholders on the ferry route from downtown Auckland to Waiheke to ensure more than one service provider can provide services and receive SuperGold card funding on this particular route.

Mark Lambert, General Manager of AT Metro says “This good result supports the sustainability of the scheme for off-peak travel between downtown Auckland and Matiatia wharf on Waiheke for Super Gold Card Holders”.


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