New Year new relationship

Press Release – Findsomeone

New Year new relationship

Kiwis looking to meet their special someone have the best opportunity during the New Year according to online dating experts FindSomeone.

Head of FindSomeone Daniel Bridges said new member sign-ups “doubled down” during December and January, and enjoyed a 33 per cent spike in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day.

“It’s an emotional time of year and people are thinking about sharing their Christmas and their summer holiday with someone they care about. As a result, we’re seeing a big lift in new sign-ups to the site as people look to find a date for New Year’s Eve, shake up their love life at the start of the year or get in early on their 2016 resolutions.”

Mr Bridges also revealed the details of a ‘typical’ 2015 FindSomeone member and the hottest names of the year.

“We gauge hotness based on the number of smiles and messages people with these names received on average, along with the number of profile views. It’s good news for people with the name Carly or Lucas – or maybe their partners – as these are officially the hottest dating names of 2015.

He said that in 2015 the typical female FindSomeone member was 41 years old and looking for a partner aged 36 and 46. “One-third of them have children and their name is most likely to be Sarah and she will probably have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

“The typical male FindSomeone member is named John, aged 39 and looking for a partner between 30 and 40. More than half don’t have any children and 37 per cent have a bachelor’s degree or higher.”

FindSomeone members also appear to be a healthy bunch with 87 per cent indicating they did not smoke (compared to the national average of about 84 per cent non-smokers from the last census), and only 5 per cent said they regularly drank alcohol.

Unsurprisingly the largest number of FindSomeone members can be found in New Zealand’s biggest regions: Auckland, Canterbury and Wellington, but Mr Bridges said there are members all over the country including “more than 150” in the Chatham Islands.


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