Marine rescues – Auckland – Auckland City

Press Release – New Zealand Police

Marine rescues – Auckland – Auckland City

“Four people have escaped drowning in two separate incidents on each of Auckland’s harbours.

In the first incident two people were assisted from the water when their inflatable pool toy overturned, out from the Bayswater Marina in the Waitematä Harbour. Only one of the two was wearing a personal floatation device.

Both were returned to shore at the marina. In the second incident, two female teenagers were blown approximately 1.5.kilometers off-shore from the Awhitu Regional Park on the Manukau Harbour. They were riding on a white inflatable pool toy swan. The two were returned to shore by a boat that had gone to rescue them and the personal water craft that had originally been sent to assist the girls. Police are concerned for the safety of people using these toys.

Sergeant John Saunders of the Police Maritime Unit in Auckland said, “ These are not boats and should not be used outside of a small sheltered swimming pool.” Sgt John Saunders Police Maritime Unit Auckland.


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