Activists to tell Warkworth Rodeo; “Stop the Bullying”

Press Release – Direct Animal Action

Animal activists to tell Warkworth Rodeo; “Stop the Bullying”

This week on New Year’s Day, animal rights activists from the group Direct Animal Action will demonstrate outside the Warkworth Rodeo.

The activists plan to display large photographic images showing animal cruelty documented at the Warkworth rodeo and at other rodeos across New Zealand.

They want the government to implement a nationwide ban on rodeo.

“Investigations carried out by activists all over the country have shown time and again that animal suffering at rodeos is actually the norm. This just isn’t acceptable,” says Direct Animal Action spokesperson Kathleen Lafferty.

“Rodeos are legalised cruelty and animals shouldn’t have to suffer for our entertainment,”

“We want the government to ban rodeo in our country. With even parts of the U.S. now banning rodeo, it’s actually an embarrassment that we’re falling so far behind overseas trends,”

“We’re planning a peaceful demonstration on New Year’s Day and we’re hoping that rodeo-goers won’t get confrontational with us,” says Ms. Lafferty.


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