65-year-old folksinger crowdfunds for a music video in 2016

Press Release – Howl Creative

65-year-old folksinger crowdfunds for a music video in 2016

On 27th December 2015, Bernie Griffen and the Thin Men are launching a crowdfunding campaign to produce a music video for their song Burial Ground.

At 65 years old, Griffen is an independent New Zealand folk musician, and in his own words has ‘no time to lose’ in fulfilling his vision of performing overseas and connecting with fans beyond New Zealand. Griffen has a small but strong fan base here, with growing international prominence, as seen by the 20-30k downloads of his podcast each week (bFM – Border Radio), and in the wide diversity of fans interested in his music.

Griffen has applied several times through NZ On Air for funding a music video in the past, however he has not been successful. Griffen says “the money is allocated to kids coming out of school, not a 65 year old”.

This crowdfunding campaign will assist Griffen with much needed promotional material to book shows for his 2016 Australia and Europe tour.

Griffen is working with Boosted for the campaign, with an all-or-nothing target of $6,000 to produce a high quality music video unique to his song Burial Ground.

This is a link to the boosted campaign page, including promotional video featuring Griffen https://www.boosted.org.nz/projects/music-video-for-bernie-griffens-burial-ground
Burial Ground is a song with deeply personal roots, reminding us of what it feels like to be used and abused. It’s a story about revenge, mortality and rebirth – themes that have inspired a unique concept. The vision for the music video references a dust bowl, southern gothic aesthetic, featuring dramatic New Zealand landscapes. Audiences will follow the story of a drifter dragging a coffin across the Hauraki Plains, towards a brutal conclusion of fate.

Howl Creative are a small independent production company in Auckland who have teamed up with Bernie to produce the music video in February 2016.


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