Kiwi musician connecting the world this NZ Music Month

Press Release – Bridget Walsh

From Takapuna to Glastonbury to NYC, kiwi musician Miss Bridget Walsh is connecting the world this NZ Music Month

Miss Bridget Walsh is a professional musician, originally from New Zealand but currently based out of the UK.She tours the world singing, playing, recording, performing, making, creating, teaching, sharing and presenting music. She’s a vegan nerd, with Harry Potter tattoos, a dazzling smile and big, ginger hair.

Before moving to England, Bridget worked in New Zealand radio, for both ZM and FLAVA. She is currently visiting NZ, launching a new music project to connect international creative communities with the world.

On this visit home she’s been a guest co-host on Alex Beham’s night show on Radio Hauraki. She sang live on air with Jesse Sheehan. She’s posted a video of a Spice Girls cover that’s had 11,000 views in 2 days. She’s performed at the Auckland Arts Festival and CubaDupa. She’s caught up with Stan Walker and Shelton Woolright for a beer. She’s sung for Russel Norman at the latest launch for Faction Comics. She’s entertained local kiwi businesses at an event for Yelp. She’s had coffee and mentoring from kiwi crowd-funding success, Tim Lightbourne, of Invivo Wines. And tweeted her way into the news feeds of local icons, Guy Williams and Richie Hardcore.

Since living in England she has toured and performed with musicians from all around the world, most recently the Electric Swing Circus. She has played shows and festivals across Europe and beyond, including Glastonbury, Boomtown, Shambala and How The Light Gets In. Last year she also worked with Abbey Road Studios on the production of a limited edition vinyl.

Her new project, Miss Bridget Walsh and ALL The Things, is connecting international art and music communities with each other and the world. The project has already garnered global interest from artists and audiences who want to be involved, including a film company in LA. Currently the project has raised over £7,000 on Kickstarter, with the campaign ending on the 10th May.

Bridget is visiting cities across the planet, drawing together the local creative communities in each city to take part in music and art creation sessions. These sessions will be recorded, documented and collated to create an album, an art and photography book and videos to share with the world.

This project is an exercise, not only in building and supporting international creative communities, but in harnessing the power of the crowd, shaking up the status quo and reaching out to seek small investments from many people towards something that they believe in.

All of the artists involved so far come from diverse and varying musical and creative backgrounds, meaning that the project will merge and cross a range of genres and crafts. The digital and physical products from the project will become vehicles for the creative people involved to gain exposure in global scenes and communities they might not have otherwise had the opportunity to reach.

Artists and locations involved in the project so far include: Sxip Shirey (New York), Sophie Bird (Sweden / NZ), Jamie Burne (Wales), Jonathan Vantu (Tel Aviv), Michael Triponel (London), Dannie Mckenzie and Madi Weybury (Melbourne), Damon Keen (Auckland), Taimana Davis (Waitakere) as well as a small and dedicated team in New Zealand: Jason Boberg (J G Boberg Films), Rachel Ahmad (Ashmary Jewellery), Nicholas Jacques, Ellen Walsh-Jones, Sean McGrath, Benjamin Raela, Leon Ahmad-Hall and Gabriel Ahmad-Hall (the Little Messenger).

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