BP launches 95 Plus into retail market

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BP launches 95 Plus into retail market with new forecourt blending technology

In a first for the New Zealand retail fuels market, BP has announced that from 30th April, the company will be offering a BP 95 Plus petrol blend across two sites in the Auckland market.

The new product will be trialled for a six month period, with a potential rollout planned to other sites around the country, should it prove popular with customers.

BP 95 Plus is a new premium fuel made by blending Regular 91 and BP Ultimate 98 fuel onsite via the latest pump technology. Due to being blended with BP Ultimate 98, it contains the additive that helps clean and protect a car’s engine.

“BP is thrilled to be offering our new BP 95 Plus blend as a choice for our customers. This innovative technology reinforces BP’s position as the leading premium fuels supplier in New Zealand,” BP Fuels General Manager, Debi Boffa said.

“This is leading technology, bringing the latest innovation to the forecourt and putting our customers at the forefront of our thinking. Not only does the new technology provide a new product, it also offers all four grades of fuel on all pumps, as well as multi-media screens delivering a wide range of information to our customers; including promotions, weather information and news, all designed to make that fuelling experience a little more pleasant,” Boffa said.

“It’s about choice for our customers, with research telling us that demand for premium fuels is growing in New Zealand. We’re committed to being the market leader in premium fuels and are always looking at ways to improve our offer,” Boffa added.

The technology has been well tested with the mixing of the two petrol grades creating a 95 octane petrol with engine cleaning and protecting properties. Adding BP 95 Plus to BP sites will give customers a choice of four fuel grades; Regular 91, 95 Plus, Ultimate 98 and Ultimate diesel.

“Initially, we’re trialling BP 95 Plus in Auckland across two sites, launching on 30th April at BP Connect Rosedale and BP Connect Fanshawe Street. Our customers will tell us what they think of the new product with a view to rolling it out across the country,” Boffa said.

The launch of BP 95 Plus will be supported by additional marketing material, point of sale information and Q&As, should customers require further information.


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