Powerhouse Speakers to Spark Browns Bay festival

Press Release – Sustainable Evolution

Press Release 30 January 2015

Powerhouse Speakers to Spark Browns Bay festival

If you are interested in your health, happiness, longevity and enlightenment, and the health of our planet, then you should not miss an upcoming festival called “A Sustainable Evolution – Of and For The Earth”

This festival, set for the weekend of Feb 21 and Feb 22 at The Corelli International Academic School of Arts in Browns Bay is a fundraiser for Ahika, an exciting. new intentional community on The Kaipara Harbour, near Paparoa. Ahika means, “lit fires” and an international team of acclaimed speakers will do their best to “spark” a fire for change over this very special weekend.

The theme revolves around our evolving consideration of all things sustainable and the recognition of the many ways that this emerging awareness will impact our health and happiness. This awakening may also be just in the nick of time to rescue a planet suffering a man-made fever.

This team includes renowned scientist, Bruce Lipton. Bruce is a cell biologist who is a pioneer in the field of epigenetics (you are not a prisoner of your genes) and much more. His inspirational presentations are legendary, as is his YouTube following. Bruce has recently made NZ his home, but the demand for his speaking skills sees him traveling the world much of the year. This is a rare opportunity to hear Bruce deliver his master-work presentations, based upon his three, best-selling books.

Graeme Sait is an author/educator who travels the globe, sharing the story of the profound links between soil, plant, animal, human and planetary health. He has travelled to over 30 countries in the past 12 months, meeting with a vast range of key players in a quest to trigger action. “Life changing” is the term most commonly used to describe his impassioned presentations.

The festival also includes inspiring, health coach, Dr Theresa Dobson, originally from California, but now sharing her considerable skills with Aucklanders. Professor Bill Watson will enlighten attendees about the multiple benefits of intentional community and Dr Raymond Bradley will share his understanding of the dynamics of insight, intuition and creativity.

The festival also features master oboe player, Russel Walder and talented guitarist, Luke Hurley There will be great food available and it promises to be a memorable weekend.

Visit: http://nzthefirstlight.com/sustainable-evolution/ to view the program or make a booking.

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