New Point Chevalier Restaurant Embraces Nomadic History

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New Point Chevalier Restaurant Embraces Nomadic History To Create A Truly Unique Dining Experience

Auckland, 12th December 2014 – A brand-new restaurant in Pt. Chevalier will celebrate the shared nomadic origins of New Zealand communities, creating a truly unique dining atmosphere for all who enter.

‘Nomad’, opening December 17th, will embrace our shared roots as descendants of nomadic travellers. Promoting the social joys of dining, the restaurant aims to bring people from different backgrounds together through food.

“Our restaurant’s name signifies New Zealand’s heterogeneous composition and the coming together of different peoples,” says Director Jared Johnstone. “All of us are, in one way or another, nomadic.”

Executive Chef, Bryan McGruer, has created an exciting share-concept menu that is an adventure in itself. Crafted with passion, his food adds a contemporary twist to the hunter-gathering philosophy of ancient nomadic communities, which taught us to “waste not, want not.”

Adventurous diners will not be disappointed – some of the menu’s more endearing dishes feature octopus, tongue, sweet breads and kidneys. Families and those with a simpler palate will be delighted by Mediterranean-inspired, crowd pleasing favourites, including crispy woodfired pizzas, artisan breads and smokey meats.

The sumptuous menu is also supported by an impressive wine selection, classic and original cocktails, champagne, prosecco, craft and tap beers. Nomad’s bar will be hosting several unique events in the new year, designed to appeal to a wide range of socialites and connoisseurs of fine indulgence.

In addition to its culinary delights, Johnstone also hopes that Nomad will offer a warm and accessible environment for groups of all backgrounds. No expense has been spared on ambience – the restaurant’s interior is the vision of award-winning designers Pennant & Triumph.

The impressive venue will seat up to 200 people, features a spacious bar, romantic fire-lit lounge, expansive mezzanine and both indoor and outdoor dining.

“We know that food and the experience of sharing food with others is a cultural constant,” Johnstone says. “This is a medium through which we can express our individual ideas, experiences and travels. This is Nomad.”

So gather your crew of wanderers and join us on a nomadic, culinary adventure. Grand opening kicks off at 5.30pm on Wednesday, December 17th.

Background information:
Grand opening: 17th December, 2014
Location: 5 Pt Chevalier Road, Point Chevalier
Opening times: Monday – Friday: 10am – late; Saturday & Sunday: 8am – late
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