TEU: we’re ready to protect you from new employment law

Press Release – Tertiary Education Union

We’re ready to protect you from new employment law

Kia ora

You have probably heard the news that the government passed new employment law yesterday.This law removes significant worker rights and makes it harder for us as union members to stand up for fair pay and working conditions. The government passed this bill as one of its first acts since being re-elected, but as a union, we have been preparing for it for many months now.

While the law is bad news for working people, unions and our members are still doing good work. In the last fortnight union members won an historic equal pay case in the court of appeal, scientists won the right to belong to a collective agreement that protects their working conditions, Auckland school of education staff rejected wide scale redundancies and the popularity of the living wage continues to grow.

Even though the changes to the employment law will make things tougher, we intend to keep on winning. To do that we need new members. When we have the support of everyone at a workplace, we have the democratic power to win.

For the next few years, until we can change this law, please take the time to let your friends and colleagues know you belong to a union that achieves fairer working conditions and better pay for all tertiary education staff. Make sure every new colleague knows they have a choice to join our union, and why, if you want to win, it is better to be in a team, than struggling alone.

The best way to protect yourself from this new law is to be in a union.

New members can join at http://teu.ac.nz


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