How Intagr8 Works – Explained

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How Intagr8 Works – Explained

As a leading provider of office equipment, telecommunications hardware, software and billing services in Auckland and Tauranga, Intagr8 manages the billing of their customers fixed line call usage, services and equipment with a comprehensive user friendly phone bill, which includes call credits with agreed and applicable call usage. Applicable call usage includes landline calls only to local, mobile, national and international calls.

One of the key benefits of using Intagr8 is that there is no capital outlay necessary, as the Intagr8 team structure payment terms to suit their customers over 24-60 month periods. Another benefit is that there is no cash deposit required. As the Intagr8 guys say, “Why buy when you can rent a business asset that is fast depreciating?” By renting the equipment, users can enjoy a continued cash flow to the business. The Intagr8 team provide full installation, programming and training and offer maintenance and support from their Technical Help Desk. They also give the option to return, buy or up-grade at the end of the term.

Simplified, Intagr8 uses the same approach that mobile telecommunication companies use to provide clients with business solutions and services and they do this by subsidizing the equipment rental via monthly call credits. Intagr8 combines telecommunication hardware alongside telecommunication billing, offering rental agreements to a market of small to medium sized businesses applying the funds already being spent with current telecommunication providers.

An example of how the Intagr8 system works is given below, based on a Current Call Spend of $300 p/month and includes four handsets with voicemail. The monthly rental for the equipment is direct debited from the customer’s nominated bank account. Applicable call usage is applied to the customer’s phone bill as Call Credits. The customer can then make up to $300 worth of calls at no charge. The cost of the equipment is drastically reduced by the offset of Call Credits making manageable costs to the business. Conditions apply, GST is applicable to Monthly Rental and Call Credits and terms are tailored from 24-60 months.

Intagr8 is a reseller of telecommunications airtime, buying wholesale and passing on the savings to their customers in the form of call credits, and their customers can obtain ‘state of the art’ business equipment using call credits on their phone bill to minimise costs to their business.

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