Payday Advance Customers Talk About Their Experience

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Payday Advance Customers Talk About Their Experience With The Company

Auckland, New Zealand – Friday, 29 November, 2013 – Payday Advance are the first short-term lender in New Zealand to feature real customers in video testimonials on their website.A professional crew were hired to produce high-quality visuals to better communicate the important role Payday Advance play in some of their regular customers’ lives.

One of the videos called “Why Choose Payday Advance” shows 6 customers talking about the reasons why they had chosen the company as their preferred short-term lender.
You can view this and other videos here.

Below are some of the reasons the customers mentioned:

“It was the ease of access and the quick turnaround.”

“No hidden fees, no trick questions, pretty much you know straight away – yes or no”

“I find it easy: the fact that I can organise it all at work, while I’m sitting at my desk – 5 minutes, and it’s all done. The bank I was with at the time, they were not really that flexible.”

“I prefer to do that, rather than, say go to my parents or go to my friend and say “Can I borrow a couple hundred bucks?”

“It looked easy enough to fill out the details and go ahead.”

“It was really user-friendly, and it had all the different calculators, so I could work out what I could take out and how long it would take me to pay it back. And to be able to pay it back easily, and have it spelled out for me: how long it would take me to pay it back, and how many instalments – it was just a better option for me.”

Payday Advance is a leading payday lender in New Zealand specialising in small short-term cash loans up to $750 paid over 1 or up to 6 instalments and offered to Kiwis in full-time employment. For more information, please visit or call 0800 222 577.

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