Green Party Leadership FEC (frequently expressed concerns)

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Green Party Leadership FEC (frequently expressed concerns)

David Hay, who challenged Russel Norman for the Green party co-leadership this week, today responded to concerns that have been expressed by Green Party members on Facebook and elsewhere after he announced his leadership bid.

He has revealed that the party’s powerful and secretive Candidate Selection and Electoral Process Committee (CSEPC) has recommended to the party’s executive committee that he should not be accepted into the candidate pool in 2014.

Mr Hay says “I don’t know exactly why the CSEPC made its negative recommendation, but if the party executive accepts it, that would prevent me from being ranked on the party list and therefore from becoming a Green MP next year. I have asked for a copy of the CSEPC report to executive under the Privacy Act, and that request has been refused.”

“I know that the executive met by telephone call on 22 October and could not make a decision on my candidacy. The vote was split 3-6 with some abstentions. Under party rules a 75% majority is required for a decision. I have asked executive to make a final decision tomorrow, by simple majority if necessary. I do not intend to appeal it.”

Mr Hay has defended his abilities as a candidate on his blog, saying “In my view, for the party to reject my application for the candidate pool would be nothing less than an act of collective self-mutilation.”

Mr Hay has also revealed how few Green Party candidates from Auckland are likely to make it into the list rankings in 2014, reinforcing his concern about the lack of Green Party presence in Auckland after the next election.

The Green Party executive is currently holding a three day face-to-face meeting in Auckland.

Mr Hay’s candidacy is on the agenda for 1:30 pm tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon. The agenda item is titled: Next steps on recommendation to decline entry to the candidate pool: David Hay
Party executive meetings are open for all members to attend, and Mr Hay has invited party members to attend the meeting early tomorrow afternoon.

Mr Hay has said that he will not make any further media or social media comment until approximately 2:30 tomorrow afternoon, outside the Green Party office in Mercury Lane.

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