Serious Fraud Office chooses Wynyard Investigations Software

Press Release – Wynyard Group

Serious Fraud Office chooses Wynyard Investigations Software

Software to help manage serious and complex fraud cases

Auckland, 31 July 2013 – Wynyard Group (NZX:WYN) the specialists in intelligence-led software and solutions for protecting companies and countries from threat, crime and corruption has been chosen by the New Zealand Serious Fraud Office (SFO) as its provider of Investigations software.

The Wynyard Investigator product will be used by SFO to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of investigations by enabling investigators to better manage their investigations, and the complex data related to them.

Simon McArley, SFO Acting Chief Executive, says, “The Wynyard Investigation tool will be used by the SFO investigation and prosecution teams. SFO cases involve a large volume of information and require complex processes to analyse and organise that evidence. Investigators will be able to collect, organise and access SFO material through the tool to more easily piece together a case, and manage the reporting and court disclosure of that information.”

“We are anticipating that in adopting specialist software to support our existing systems and processes we will improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of our investigations and prosecutions. In addition, the product is expected to streamline our reporting and monitoring processes improving their effectiveness and reducing the resource diverted to them. This is a further step in implementing SFO’s existing strategy of using advanced technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness,” said McArley.

Wynyard Group Managing Director, Craig Richardson, says Wynyard is proud to be adding one of New Zealand’s most prominent and effective agencies to its roster of Investigations clients and he looks forward to the opportunities this brings.

“Wynyard is now providing solutions for two of New Zealand’s major investigative agencies and in the process is beginning to create the foundation for integrated crime detection and prevention across agencies.”

“The win caps off what has been a successful few months for the company; listing on the New Zealand stock exchange earlier this month and in May securing the a contract with New Zealand Police for our serious crime investigations software.”

“It is pleasing to see our solutions being used not only internationally, but here at home in New Zealand,” says Richardson.

Wynyard Investigator is developed at the company’s global Crime Science Research and Development Centre in New Zealand together with four other advanced tools for threat assessment, intelligence and digital forensics.

The company’s crime science research, software development and product commercialisation capability brings together industry experts, data scientists and advanced software engineering teams to solve problems for government and commercial enterprises alike.


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