Protest against Evictions – Hone Harawira’s Court Appearance

Press Release – Tamaki Housing Group

Press Release Regarding Protest against Evictions and House Removals the Morning of Hone Harawira’s Court Appearance

We are marching on the morning of the 23rd of July 2013 the morning of MANA MP, Hone Harawira’s court hearing to protest against the eviction and bullying of Housing New Zealand tenants, and the removal of Housing New Zealand houses from our communities. We believe these houses should be offered to those in need. We will be marching from the Auckland District Court to the town hall at 9 am.

Harawira was arrested on the 11th of October 2012 for supporting a protest by the Tāmaki Housing Group against the removal of a Housing New Zealand Home from the suburb of Glen Innes. We believe he should be acquitted of the charges and that the government should stop these atrocious attacks on our communities.


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