Funding certainty vital for community organisations

Press Release – New Zealand Labour Party


Women’s Affairs Spokesperson

31 July 2013


Funding certainty vital for community organisations

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett’s protracted approach to the funding shortfalls of community advocacy organisations is thwarting vital services, says Labour’s Women’s Affairs spokesperson Sue Moroney.

“The Minister might have offered a rare olive branch to the sector today, restoring funding to Auckland’s Sexual Abuse Help Foundation, but while the decision is welcome, the process to get there took far too long.

“This critical organisation waited nine months for action from Ms Bennett, during which their ability to support victims of sexual violence was affected.

“The funding constraints of this particular organisation are well known. Last year I headed a petition to Parliament to prevent the closure of HELP’s services. In December the Minister agreed to plug the funding gap.

“It is now almost August. That kind of delay is unacceptable for an organisation facing increasing demand.

“Thanks to the hard work and tenacity of the HELP Foundation, they have now returned to the funding certainty they had under Labour.

“Community advocacy organisations face an uphill battle in their dealings with Paula Bennett. Let’s just hope the process for other organisations desperately seeking funding certainty isn’t this drawn out.”


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