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Randwick Park young people opposing new Manurewa drug store

Press Release – Warrior of Change
Randwick Park’s Warriors of Change is a community led youth leadership programme which encourages young people to stand up and become leaders of our Manurewa community.  Today we are standing up against a new drug store that has opened up in our community.

This new drug store sells various ‘legal highs’ and is situated right in the middle of our local town centre.  This store does not contribute to the well-being of our community, instead it promises to sell ‘legal highs’ to a community that is already struggling with alcohol and drug issues.

‘We are outraged that a new drug store has opened in Manurewa without community input’ said Community Leader Dave Tims.

‘As a young person, Manurewa already has a bad reputation with regards to alcohol, drugs and violence. Allowing this store to sell legal highs only promotes more drug usage which leads to violence’ says Warriors of Change member Tonisha Rohe (aged 19 years old).

‘It is right next to the several alcohol outlets and bars that are situated in Manurewa.  There is also a primary school, two minutes away.  What are we teaching our children, that drugs and alcohol is ok?  It is not ok and we need to put an end to this’ says Warriors of Change member Susan Fotunga (aged 19 years old).

‘It is upsetting to know that the community was not consulted before this new drug store was granted permission to open.  The youth in Manurewa, particularly in Randwick, are already exposed to drugs and alcohol, we work hard as young leaders to show them a better way, guide them in a different direction – to move away from using drugs.  This store opening up is like a ‘slap in the face’ we should have been consulted. It should not have been allowed to open up in our community’  says Kataraina Tims (aged 17 years old).

‘I use to take drugs, and speaking from experience, having this store in our community will only lead to more young people taking ‘legal highs’ and a much higher crime rate in our community.  These drugs maybe legal but we all know that it will have nothing but negative side effects on our people and wider community’ says Warriors of Change member Benjamin Tamarua (aged 20 years old).

Warriors of Change is calling out to our Manurewa Local Board members, our Local MP Louisa Wall, List MP Cam Calder, the Manurewa Youth Council and Community Leaders of Manurewa to rally together and take a stand against this new drug store.  We will be leading a peaceful protest outside the ‘High Zone’ drug store on manin street of Manurewa 206 Great South Rd, behind the bus station) on Saturday May 11th, 11am (bring banners with a firm but friendly message).  We want it closed down, we want restrictions made on all ‘legal highs products but we also want assurance that the community will be consulted if another incident like this happens in the future.

Protest Details
When: Saturday, 11th of May @ 11am
Where: Corner of Halver Road and Great South Road, Manurewa Town Centre. 

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