Council claiming credit for taking 12,000 cars off Auckland roads every morning

Press Release – Auckland Council
The Mayor has revealed that Auckland Transport school and work travel plans are taking more than 12,000 cars off the road every morning in Auckland. Len Brown is heading to Bucklands Beach Primary School today to launch Auckland’s latest Travel Wise school travel plan.

The Mayor says the plans are reducing car travel in Auckland by 135,000 kilometres a year, delivering an annual congestion benefit of more than $20 million.

“Congestion costs Auckland $1 billion a year. Media attention focuses on the big ticket items like integrated ticketing, our new electric trains, AMETI and the City Rail Link.

“However school and work travel plans are also really important. 480,000 students and workers currently take part in these plans and these numbers are continuing to grow.

“Aucklanders are fast discovering that alternatives to their car such as public transport, walking and cycling are cheaper, safer and healthier.

“It’s great to see a real reduction in the chaos created by cars around school gates and the significant reduction in accidents as a result of school travel plans.”

More than 325 schools, representing almost two thirds of Auckland school students, now have transport plans.

In the latest plan, Bucklands Beach Primary is joining a cluster of four other schools in the area.

A growing number of children getting to school by scooter is an important element of the plan at this school.

The plan also includes road calming measures on street around the school such as pram crossings, splitter islands and side islands .
Len Brown will be at Bucklands Beach Primary School, Clovelly Rd, Bucklands Beach from 2.15pm today.

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